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I am Phd in HCI/Interaction and Game Design from Computer Science at NTNU, Norway, M.Sc.IT Digital Design and Communication with a specialisation in Mobile Communication from IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark and back.mus Music and Movement Teacher with percussion as main instrument.

I am an interaction and game designer and researcher working in the area of human-centred design. My foci are embodiment, the body, movement, perceptual systems and mobile, VR, AR and ubiquitous devices. My approach is experimental and playful. I like to draw on my musical background and have used it actively in my design.

I started my digital design and research journey designing with a passion for embodied systems and location-based games. My interests have expanded to cover VR and AR including, for instance, binaural sound technologies and bodily extensions/human-machine integration.

I hope you enjoy exploring my work.

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