Music Deals

A location-based marketing solution for the music industry.

It was developed as a contribution for the Danish “Musikparlament” innovation competition and gained a second seat in the final presentations at SPOT festival 2011.

The concept evolved around location-based music distribution; the audience present at a concert could download a piece of music by “checking in” online at the concert. Alternatively this could also be done by scanning a physical QR code and post some information. It had these benefits for the audience:

  • the audience would get a piece of music for free
  • the band would get a new audience contact (for further marketing) and possibility of linking the check-ins to a broader social marketing strategy, as well as getting in-depth knowledge of their audience.

The idea of giving the audience a (or more) piece of music for free was based in several reasonings. The first one is “gifting”; the exchange of “gifts” bound the involved participants in a kind of gratitude relationship. Basically this means that the receiver becomes grateful for the gift and likes the provider more. This feeling is hopefully augmented by a good concert and might lead to the receiver/audience to remember the concert – and indirectly promote the band by telling about the concert and playing the music. And the receiver should be granted the rights to distribute and share the music for free.

The band on the other hand hopefully grows their fanbase and turns them into an army of promoters – beside getting their music and name distributed.

The band also gets in-depth knowledge of their audience – and later fans as well as knowledge about each concert; who attended, how many downloaded the track.

Such marketing effort can play a important part in a band’s promotion and branding strategy as well as growing their fanbase.

The concept also gained interest from the Copenhagen IT community.

The concept proposal can be provided upon request.