The Move Maker – A hybrid play and game system

The Move Maker is a hybrid movement-based play and game system where the players can choose to play the accompanying games, and they can design their own games or combinations thereof. It is hybrid because it consists of both analogue and digital elements. The system is structured in a way that accommodates play, rather than game – or in other words the Danish connotation; at lege en leg, rather than at spille et spil (for further explanation, please see my research paper on the subject; Designing for Bodily Play Based on Danish Linguistic Connotations of “Playing a Game” ).

The Move Maker is the practical design result developed during my PhD. I call it a system for play and game because it consists of elements chosen and combined from principles and theories developed to encourage “leg” (play) in any form from highly structured competitive games to exploratory playful experimentations.

The Move Maker won the CHI 2020 Student Game Competition, Transgressive and Transformative Play Category; read the paper or watch the video.

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