Lights on

As part of the Adaptive Lighting project at IT-University 2013/14 I designed this installation.

It is a (possible) combination of light, sound and playful movement.

Some gameplay ideas:

  • Move through the field and avoid the beams.
  • Create a soundscape by turning on and off the different lights. Turn off; wave your hand once in front of the light source, turn on; hold your hand or foot in front of the light source. The sound will loop in a beat. The beat can be specified further by preference settings; ex. loop in the rhythm of the waving arm.
  • Create a lightshow: Turning on and off the lights; one hand in front of a light turns it off, two hands in front two of the light turn them off, change color by holding two lights in your hands (one hand in front of either light) and a foot in front of a third light. All three lights change color. It is about combining hands and feet enough times to create the desired lightshow.
  • and many more; record a sequence of music by turning on and off different instruments (the same way as turning on and off the light – or invent new ways of turning on and off the lights – or their affiliated attribute) for your own musical creation.


Inspiration is from the movie Ocean’s Twelve where the “Night Fox” crosses the laser field in the museum on his way to steal the egg.