Being Homeless in Copenhagen

A mobile pervasive game about being homeless in Copenhagen.

We explored how the physical surroundings influence the game experience.

The player is a homeless person looking for food (and money to buy food) and a safe place to sleep. The setting is Blaagaards Plads in Copenhagen. Blaagaards Plads is a central square in Copenhagen where many homeless people come, because of the neighborhood (Nørrebro) and it offers several public initiatives for homeless people.

The player will have to choose a way to get money  to buy food either by begging, selling the homeless magazine Hus Forbi or collecting bottles for recycling. Either method has it’s pro’s and con’s. After eating the player needs to find a safe place to sleep. Along the way the player meets friends, who tell about their homeless lives, and thieves, who steel their money and knocks them down.

The game was developed as a prototype for Android smartphone. A version can be provided by contacting me.

© 2011 Louise P. Matjeka and Henrique Llagostera