Space Agent

Space Agent is a sound and movement based mobile pervasive game.

Space Agent was the successor to my master thesis from the IT-University; Space on EarthA Sound Based Location Aware Mobile Game Concept Incorporating Physical Activity for Children in the Age Between 10-14 Years.

A prototype was demonstrated at w00t game festival 2013 leading to a grant from the Danish Film Institute and subsequent investment from Capnova Game Invest A/S.

The game was developed and published worldwide for IOS and Android . Watch the trailer. Below is the description from the App Store:


5 out of 5 stars, Children in the City, Denmark

“Space Agent is ambitious, inventive and points to new directions for mobile games” – Thomas Vigild, Weekendavisen, Denmark

“The sound universe and the narrator are great. You simply cannot avoid being captivated by the story. I love that the game requires movement, coordination and concentration, and that both the sense of hearing and motor skills come to work.” Kristine Grundahl, children in the city, copenhagen, Denmark

“Really a great game universe with the possibility of movement” – Apps in education, facebook

“Space Agent is a newly Danish developed app, which is all unique” – Moms Apps, facebook

The Game

Headphones are essential when playing this game.

Get lost in space in this challenging game experience.

Come explore the movement and sound based galaxy of Space Agent. Capture invisible aliens using your ears and your body while you save Earth from the terrible oxygen theft.

Hear for yourself in your headphones where the dreaded Xonyan intruders are coming from and guard the Earth’s oxygen supply from them. Preserve the very essence of what allows mankind to exist on our beloved planet Earth. This game is a breath of fresh air.

Play in the truest sense of the word using your body, mind and imagination. The sky is the limit. Zone out beyond the ozone and beyond your living room!

Jump into gameplay that will take you out of this world as well as out of your sofa!

Matters are literally in your hands and in your ears as you follow the sound and respond in kind. Push and pull your smart phone as you get pulled into outer space.

Pull off the challenge of restoring order and oxygen on earth. Get up and get moving on this all important mission. Play the game like it’s your last – your next breath could very well depend on it.