I am Louise Petersen Matjeka

I explore the intricate relations between the human body, technology, and the world. Drawing from phenomenology, neuroscience and posthumanism, I unravel the dynamics of immersive experiences and configurations of entangled bodies and technologies.

Statement by Alf Inge Wang, Professor at NTNU and Founder of Kahoot

Louise Petersen Matjeka is highly intelligent and resourceful and has produced research and research publications of very high quality. She has a very high work capacity, and I was really impressed by the amount and the quality of work she was able to complete in the last year of her Ph.D. Furthermore, Miss Matjeka has an impressive capacity to learn and use various theories and discuss how these theories relate on a deep and advanced level. Further, she has proven multiple times that she is highly creative and can combine, utilize and develop technology innovatively.
In her Ph.D. Louise showed that she could work within and combine various research fields and contribute to multiple research domains such as HCI, interaction design, and game design. Matjeka’s Ph.D. opponents were highly impressed with her work both in terms of magnitude and quality. Proof of her excellent work is also shown in her winning the CHI Play best paper award and the CHI Student Game Competition.

Awards and Nominations

Best Paper Award CHI Play 2020

Winner CHI 2020 Student Game Competition - Transgressive and Transformative Play
Innovation Grant from The Danish Film Institute 2014
Winner FM Jazz Award, UK with Loose Tubes 2015
Sonning Foundation Young Talent Stipend 2002
Nominated All Parliamentary Jazz Award 2014 and 2015 with Loose Tubes