About me

Current Projects, Background and Design Ideals

My PhD project: A Play Perspective to Movement-based Game Design

I currently pursue a PhD in design of exergames at the Institute of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. My project is centred on play and bodily play as the foundation for my designs. On this basis, I have developed two designs: 1. A design game to structure and continuously encourage a playful mindset throughout a co-design workshop intending to develop ideas for play and playful activities, and, 2: a hybrid movement-based play and games system, the Move Maker.

Methodologically, my project builds on a Research through Design process within the Human-Centred Design field. Theoretically, my PhD is grounded in a phenomenological perspective to bodily play and games. I believe that play and games are subjective experiences rooted deeply in our culture and our social and personal life. The phenomenological perspective and method offer a way to understand the underlying dynamics leading such experiences. These perspectives are translated into design knowledge through design iterations and playtests. My research output is listed in the publications page.

The Fun Background

I have a keen interest in pervasive games and play experiences, playful installations and movement-based games. For the last 10 years this has been the focus of my professional and educational life – as game and play scholar, designer with a couple of years as entrepreneurial CEO and design lead of the game company Hybrid Play and Games (producing the commercial sound and movement-based game Space Agent).

I am a designer and academic scholar bridging the digital and physical worlds into aesthetic and playful experiences. With a multidisciplinary background from the world of music and dance transitioned into one in digital interactive play and games (because the world is simply full of interesting stuff to explore), I focus on whole bodily interactions; physical, mental, and social.

My designs all build on thorough player research initiated in the concept development phase and extended beyond (if possible) the post-implementation phase. I work within the Human-Centred Design tradition focusing on designing for real people in real situations. I love exploring the everyday life activities for new play or game design opportunities. I strive for complexity in simplicity; a good game should be easy to learn but difficult (I would though change the word difficult to challenging) to master (Bushnell’s Law).

I love playing around in and with our physical surroundings. This passion has been the red thread throughout my life; skating and roller skating from childhood on – and even working briefly as a professional roller skating event maker, to my work as percussionist leading several drum and dance groups through the streets of Copenhagen (- and Olinda, Brasil). Before pursuing my interest in play and game studies, I worked as a musician with Hermeto Pascoal, World Saxophone Quartet, The Orchestra, HUSH and many more – and taught music at Lund University, Sweden, Skt. Annæ Gymnasium and Elisnore MGK and music school and held many workshops.

My background as a musician gave me my idea of collaboration and teamwork: We all contribute with each our own speciality and create – through mutual respect and with a playful mindset, an exceptional and unique experience for all involved; players, audiences, future audiences and future players. (basically everybody :D).

Formal Background

My formal background is bac.mus (percussionist/music and movement teacher) from Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Cph, DK and MSc.IT Digital Design and Communication from the IT-University, Cph, DK. I have 10 years of experience as game and play designer working at various companies (herein as CEO and lead designer), four years of teaching game and play design (IT-University and NTNU) and more than 10 years of experience teaching music (a.o. Lund University, Skt. Annæ Gymnasium, Elsinore Music School). As an academic scholar, I have worked as a research assistant at IT-University and University of Southern Denmark. I am currently finishing my PhD: A Play Perspective to Movement-based Game Design. For more details on formalities, please consult my Linkedin profile – it should be fairly updated. Or contact me through LinkedIn.