Awards and Nominations

I have been blessed by a couple of awards, nominations and grants within HCI research and design as well as in music. This page provides an overview of which and when. You are welcome to contact me for more information.

Awards, Nominations and Grants

  • Best Paper Award at CHI Play 2021 for the paper Designing for Bodily Play Experiences Based on Danish Linguistic Connotations of “Playing a Game.”
  • Winner of the CHI2020 Student Game Competition, Honolulu, Hawai’i. (2020)
  • Nominated for best live band of the year, Parliamentary Awards, with Loose Tubes (2016)
  • Winner of the JazzFM’s Best live performance in the UK, with Loose Tubes (2015)
  • Nominated for the best live band of the year, Parliamentary Awards, with Loose Tubes (2015)
  • Received Grant from Danish Film Institute; Spilordningen (games) Idea development (2013)
  • 2. seat in the Musikparlamentet innovation competition with the concept Music Deals – marketing through mobile location-based media (2011)
  • Copenhagen Welfare Challenge; Competition in innovation and concept development, Winner of the click price – most views of the concept video on YouTube (2011)
  • Winner of the EU-supported competition for participation in the Villette Jazz Festival Big Band 2003
  • The receiver of the Léonie Sonning Foundation Young Talent award (2003)
  • Placement in the top 10 best female music students worldwide (seated 5 – 10) in IAJE’s (International Association of Jazz Educators) international competition Sisters in jazz. (2002)