About me

As an experienced UX researcher with a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, I specialize in conceptualizing and improving products and services by gaining a deep understanding of the users’ needs and behaviors. Combined with a passion for innovation and a background as a digital entrepreneur, I love uncovering business opportunities from my user research. As such, my combined background in academia and industry brings a unique perspective to my work, combining the rigor of academic research with the practical insights gained through real-world experience. Whether you need help designing user studies, conducting user research, or analyzing user data, I have the expertise and skills to deliver results that drive business success.

My combined background brings together excellences in two essential competencies; developing in-depth user insights and improving business opportunities from user research – that, in turn, is conducted with scientific rigor and scrutiny, ensuring the highest quality. My academic training as a PhD researcher has given me the competencies to critically develop and evaluate user research and methods while keeping scientific rigor. Examples are how I adapted a technology probes methodology for remote user testing during the Covid-19 or encouraged a creative mindset by turning a co-design workshop into a game. Furthermore, I believe that user research must be conducted with scrutiny and high reflection, as it is upon the user research that the initial design decisions are made for getting the right design. In other words, getting the right design comes from thorough user research, while getting the design right comes from excellent design work.
Deriving business opportunities from user insights has always been a focus for me – and even reaching back into my career as a professional musician. My passion for innovation has led me to create my own game company funded by Capnova Game Invest and the Danish Film Institute (see Space Agent). This is a perspective inherent in my UX work.