Earlier work

My Story The challenge was: Tell your own personal story using digital media rhetorically. This is my contribution and was … More

Lights on

A playful light installation idea

Music Deals

A location-based marketing solution for the music industry. It was developed as a contribution for the Danish “Musikparlament” innovation competition … More

Mind the GApp

A location based quiz for the exhibition Space Invaders.

Homeless in CPH

f<eel the life as a homeless person as you try to get money to buy you food and find a safe place to sleep.

Nikolaj MApp

A location based quiz similar to Mind the GApp

The Annoying Chair

The Annoying Chair is a gentle and playful way of nudging people to regularly change posture while sitting. Demo Sedentary … More

Alien Mexicans from Outer Space

Survive as long as you can against the Alien Mexicans from outer Space in this HTC Vive VR demo.

Exergame Generator

Games benefit from at least a grain of play. So I designed a game for designing exergames with experts. I … More

Space Agent

A sound and movement based mobile game developed for IOS and Android and published on App Store and Google Play

Sound designs and music

Electrophilhas These songs are from my project with the Brasilian singer Vanja Santos. Vana Santos: vocals Me: everything else   … More

A Game for Designing Exergames – An Exergame Generator

Video (coming soon) A game for designing exergames: As exergame designers we are often challenged when designing with specific training … More

The Move Maker – A hybrid play and game system

The Move Maker is a hybrid movement-based play and game system where the players can choose to play the accompanying … More